How to plan properly

The main idea of Task Fighter is to use it as a companion app of your digital calendar or paper agenda.

If you use planners like Ink + Volt or Passion Planner, or even if you use the Bullet Journal method, Task Fighter will be a perfect companion.

  1. Give yourself some time to prepare the week ahead.
  2. Sunday night or Monday morning is perfect for this.

  3. Write down the tasks you want to complete this week
  4. Here you can download a pdf with a simple template to add your tasks. Yearly, monthly and weekly. It's based on the planners I share above, so if you like the pdf check out the planners.

  5. Add the tasks to your favorite Google calendar app
  6. such as Google calendar, and start adding the task you just wrote. Find the spot that better fits them. For example, buying groceries will be good to do it on Monday after work, so you will have the fridge full the whole week.

    If possible, divide the tasks into chunks of time not bigger than 2 hours. If it requires more time divide it into parts like: "Write abstract of my thesis part 1", "Write abstract of my thesis part 2", etc.

  7. Go to
  8. In a Beat'em up style, you will see which tasks you have to do next.

  9. Perform actions in the tasks
  10. Because each action has a time frame, you can perform actions after the time frame has passed.

    The possible actions are

  11. Set up your preferences
  12. Task Fighter needs some data to add a new task in its best time slot. You have to set when you get up and how long do you normally sleep as well as how many hours do you spend in the office and when it starts

    With this information, Task-Fighter will be able to perform properly the postpone and the Add New Task actions

  13. Add new tasks automatically
  14. During the week if there are new tasks that you have to do, you can use the Add New Task feature from, so you don't have to think when you have to do it. It will be added to a free spot on your calendar and your only mission is to do it when the time comes

You can also check this video to get more info.

That's it. Now you are ready to become a Task Fighter.