- How do I get started

Log in and connect to your Google Calendar with your Google Account

In How To Plan there is a detailed explanation.

- I don't see any event

You don't have any event this week on your Calendar. You can do 2 things.

- I don't see next weeks events

Task Fighter will show you only the current week events, so you don't get distracted by next week duties.

- I see the app with some kind of filter

This is a CRT effect. You can enable or disable it clicking on the TV icon (top right corner)

- I already use a Todo List app. Can I use Task Fighter in addition to the one I already use?

Sure. Task Fighter is an extension of your productivity tools. It is not meant to be the only one. Use your Todo List app as you normally do, and every Monday morning move the task you want to accomplish this week on your calendar. You can also do it once a day instead once a week.

- Can I use it as new tab window

A Chrome extension is in the building but for now, you can use the New Tab Redirect and set it up, so new tabs will open task-fighter.com

- I want to see my calendar directly on the app

In the preferences, you can set the show calendar checkbox and you will see a read-only view of your calendar.

- I want to change my fighter

You can choose between Cody and Sakura. A boy and a girl. Click on the avatar thumbnail in the top left of the screen to change between them, or directly in the Preferences screen.

- I use Task Fighter in the office and my boss thinks I am playing a video game

In the preferences, you can uncheck the "Show Fight" feature and you will only see the list of tasks.

- How does the "In office" and "Out of office" work?

In the preferences, there are 2 time categories: "Sleep" and "Work". In each one a start time and length. With this information, the app knows your habits, and when using the "Add New Task" feature the task will be set following these thresholds.

- Can you add my fighter sprites?

Sure, send us an email the sprites and the credits we should add to the fighters list

- I have an idea for a new feature and also I found a bug. How can I tell you?

Check in this Trello Board if it is already there. If you want to vote or add a feature or a bug write us to [email protected] and we will add you to the board.

Or you can also write us to twitter @taskfighter